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Brand – The term ‘brand’ began as a simple way of telling one person’s cattle from another. It has evolved to encompass a unique identity in many forms. It is now the personality of a product, company or service.

More than just a logo! – Brand is more than just colours, typefaces and a logo. It’s about bringing all the elements together and making them work in harmony, to create a distinctive appearance that displays the core values of the business. It’s the recognition that your customer relates to.
A good brand speaks of success, quality, responsibility, service, care, professionalism and something worth supporting. It’s far more than just having a nice logo. Of course, we do nice logos too, or dramatic ones, or exciting ones, or unusual ones and even controversial ones… whatever you want. If you just require a logo we can do that, but we would recommend you consider the bigger picture and the overall impression you convey with your identity, as it’s often the first thing a client sees.
All of our branding work is born from serious, in-depth original thinking, coupled with a deep understanding of application, market awareness and YOUR needs.
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