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First impressions – The importance of first impressions and putting on a good display can’t be underestimated! Our aim is to design displays that not only look good from a distance (first impressions) but also look great at close quarters.

Display – The builders of Stonehenge may have gone to great lengths to import and move stone to build their impressive display, but it doesn’t have to be that hard for your business! We can help you create a display, that provides instant impact and communicates with minimum fuss! Our specialism is personalised, targeted quality design, tailor-made to suit you and your actual business needs. So, whether it’s a simple pop up banner, an ‘A’ board or an exhibition display we can help you make it happen.
Signage – We regularly see well-thought-out internal office spaces with good branding in the reception areas, but then almost as an afterthought up go ‘off-the-shelf’ signs. The net result is that the overall effect created by the architects and designers of your company brand is diminished or even lost. We will design a bespoke signage proposal that enhances and strengthens not only your core brand values but also fits into the design scheme of the building and office spaces.


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